Comic Relief 2017

Dance festival!

Year One and Two children took part in Forests Arts dance festival today. They performed a maypole dance to ‘Black Magic’ and troll dance to ‘Can’t Stop the Music.’ Well done boys and girls you were fab!!





Pirate day!

Year Two got to go through the time machine this morning to visit a very famous pirate from the past….Blackbeard!! They asked him lots of questions and found out lots about life aboard a pirate ship!




Reception are keeping safe online 

The parents and children in reception have talked about how to keep safe online and then explored our school website learning how to use all of our internet tools.

Did someone say snow?! Grasshopper Group are ready and waiting!! ❄️❄️

Did someone say snow?! Grasshoppers are ready and waiting!! ❄️❄️❄️

Lion’s in the snow!

Lion class loved their trip to the Snow Dome! We made snow angels, threw snow balls, raced in sledges and in rubber rings.