Happy smile day everyone

All of schoo have released their smile day messages attached to a balloon. Look to the skies to see if you can spot them!

Smile day

Nursery had an amazing fray on the bouncy castles everyone smiled from beginning to end! #smileday 

Is it the garden gang? No it’s just Bumblebees¬†

Bumblebees have enjoyed helping out in the garden. We have planted pansies and weeded the planter.

Year 2 ICT skills lesson

Year 2 have been using the app Popplet to create mind maps. Today’s theme was to use adjectives to describe the troll.

Year 1 have been out hunting!

The classes in Year 1 went on a minibeast hunt this week. We found all sorts of interesting wildlife!

A busy day in lion class

Today lions have had a very busy day. We’ve had our special snack, been budding artists and computer whizzes!

Nursery enjoyed their special visitors today!