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Year 1 have been out hunting!

The classes in Year 1 went on a minibeast hunt this week. We found all sorts of interesting wildlife!

A busy day in lion class

Today lions have had a very busy day. We’ve had our special snack, been budding artists and computer whizzes!

Nursery enjoyed their special visitors today!

Nursery enjoyed a fun yoga session in PE! Look at our amazing balancing! 

Multi-skills festival!

Well done to all the boys and girls who took part in the multi-skills festival, you were all super stars!Results to follow…😬








Emmie did something amazing over the weekend which has highlighted what a kind and special little girl she is. She donated her hair to ‘The Little Princess Trust’ which provides real hair for boys and girls and that have sadly lost theirs due to cancer treatment and other illnesses. She has loved sharing her experience with the children in class and has even inspired some of her friends to want to donate their hair too! Well done Emmie we are really proud of you!



Building time!

Lions, Tigers and Panthers would like to thank the PTA and all the parents for our lovely building blocks!